Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time flys

Wow...its been a long time since my last post and sadly I have very little to report! I've just been hanging out at home with Kamdyn and taking care of my beautiful kiddos. Curtis left on Sunday for San Antonio, Tx. His school is 5 weeks but he left 4 days early so he could drive there, so all together I think he will be gone for close to 6 weeks. Im a single mom now and finding it kinda difficult with all 3 kids and all the things we have going on...but we will make it through! :)

Macey is in softball this year, she has played t-ball, but now its on to softball so I am excited for her. Practice two days a week and starting this saturday until June 9th she has 15 games! Busy busy. I havn't gotten to sit at a practice and watch her play yet because of Kamdyn so im looking forward to game time. She has not gotten back into swimming yet because we just dont have the time. I'm sure she will be disappointed about it, especially when the meets start, but it just isnt possible this year. She is doing great in school, the teacher loves her and has nothing negative to say about her. Mace is excited that she gets letter grades next year in the 4th grade! She helps me alot with Kamdyn and Chase, I'm lucky she is here with Curtis being gone.

Chase is playing tball again this year, last year was his first year and he did really well. He is naturally athletic and sports seem to come easily to him, what a lucky boy. His practice's are also 2 days a week, but of course opposite of Macey!! So we are busy Monday through Thursday with their practices. I think 10 games for him. He is struggling a little with his dad being gone...he is definatly pushing me. Its frusterating because I have seen so much progress in him since Kamdyn was born, he was growing up and helping a lot and taking on responsibilities. Now we seem to be sliding backward alittle, so we will see how it pans out in the end! Im sure it will just take a few days to adjust and it will go back to normal. :)

Kamdyn is getting so alert, opening her eyes a lot and looking around. She scowls alot too..haha. She just always has her brow furrowed like she has a lot to think about, its just her way and I think its cute. She smiled for the first time a couple days ago. I was tickling her thighs and she was smiling away, then we had to go get Mace from school so put her in her carseat with a new toy and she was smiling away at that too. So nice to see her in a good mood...I love it. I think she must have colic or something because she is really fussy at night for about 1-3 hours depending on her sleep schedule. She is also fussy at other times during the day...I cant quite figure her out yet. She screams and gets all red faced and crunches up her legs so im sure that its her tummy hurting her, but I dont know whats causing it. I eat such a bland diet dairy and no chocolate cuz I know those hurt her tummy. I dont know what else could be causing her to hurt so bad. She was having issues going potty, but that seems to be getting better now too so im at a loss. I guess I just hope its colic and will end here in 6 weeks or so!! Please!!??

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