Friday, October 15, 2010

Kamdyn is already 6 months

Ok, I am sooo behind on blogging. Too much to do and to little time...
Kamdyn 6 mo stats:
lenght:28 1/8 inches-95%
weight:19 lbs 1 oz-95%
head circ:16 7/8-70%
She did awesome with her shots, barely cried at all! I was so proud of her, what a tough girl.
She is growing well but too fast!! I want her to slow down a little bit cuz she is my last and I am trying to enjoy all of it! She now rolls over and sits up on her own. She is busy reaching for things everywhere and doesnt hold still for very long now unless she is tired. Then she lays her head on my chest and sucks her thumb. It is so precious...I love those moments. Not real excited about the thumb sucking, but I guess we will just deal with that because she is such a good baby otherwise. She hardly ever crys and is always smiling. She has an adorable smile, she cracks me up all the time. Not yet sleeping through the night consistantly. We had her sleeping through until about 4 in the morning, then we went hunting and totally disrupted that. She now wakes at about 1 and again at 4, gotta work on breaking that soon! No teeth yet, I know all babys grow at their own rate, but Chase and Macey already had teeth at 7 months and Kamdyn has not gotten 1 yet, kinda hoping she gets them soon, I love baby tooth smiles!
Well thats all for Kamdyn right now...I will try and keep better track now! hahahahahaha

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kamdyn- 2 months old

2 months have gone by so fast... already Kamdyn is starting to hold her head up pretty good, and she is cooing and smiling. I love her smiles and when she talks to me...its so wonderful to hear that little voice and know she is happy. She has been fussy for the last month or so and I believe its been colic, but who really knows? It does seem to be getting better thank god.
Kamdyn loves bath time and will just sit there looking at me or her brother or sister and wiggle around in the warm water. She loves to be naked, its so soon as I take her to the changing table she gets a smile on her face. We sit there at the changing table for 10-15 minutes just talking and letting her air out!
Today was her 2 month check she got her first set of shots. She cried so hard and her whole head turned a reddish-purple (it gets that way when she is really mad!). Then as soon as the shots were done I held her for a bit, put her in the carseat and she conked out. She slept for the next 6 hours or so, only waking up to eat for a few minutes and then falling back asleep.
So here are her 2 month stats:
height:23 1/4-75%
weight:14 lbs 7 oz-100%
head circ:15 cm-26%
chubby baby with a little head I guess!! :)

Coloring competition

Macey loves about a month ago she comes home with a picture to color for a coloring contest that all the schools in Klamath County are participating in. Its a picture of a Western Tanager (bird). She asks Curtis and I what color is this bird?? Curtis and I have no idea so we tell her to get on the internet and pop up pictures of this type of bird to find out, which she does and starts to color. She comes to us about 15-20 minutes later and shows us this bird which she has colored great...but it has a gum wrapper glued to it. Really...a gum wrapper! So we ask her why she has done that, she says that the rules say to make it unique and add glitter or whatever else she wants to, so she added the wrapper and tried to make it a nest! We tell her to take off the gum wrapper and go outside to get pine needles and maybe a pine cone or something like that to add to it. Well its been snowing of course so we tell her to let the needles, branches, etc. dry and we will help her glue it the next day, because we dont want her to put a ton of glue on it. She walks away...15-20 minutes later again she comes back up to us and tells us that the pine needles are not sticking and she put on a lot of glue, but they still wont stick!! Wow...we were so upset with her for not listening to us, so we got in a long conversation about her listening skills etc...I wont bore you with the details but there was some yelling going on. So after all is done, Mace and I are sitting in the kitchen talking and she gets upset again and says I should just throw away the picture because she has ruined it...I tell her no that its not ruined and we will fix it. Well Curtis hears this conversation and comes into the kitchen, grabs the paper and rips it, crinkles it up and throws it in the garbage! Wow the crying really started then, he says to her "well didnt you just tell your mom to throw it away?" she says "yes, but I knew she wouldnt!"...uh oh! Little later Macey decides she will just ask her teacher for a new one. The next day she comes home from school and tells us the teacher has no more, they only give enough for each kid.
Well, luckily Curtis was feeling terrible about throwing away the picture so he took it out of the garbage without telling anyone the night we tape it and try to smooth the wrinkles out of it, glue the pine needles and sticks to it so she can turn it in.
Today she comes home with a gardening gift basket and a ribbon for 3rd place in the 3rd-5th grade category!!! We will never forget this coloring contest!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Macey Kaelene- May 3rd, 2001

My first born is nine years old...I cant believe that 9 years ago today my beautiful little girl was brought into our world. I still remember hearing "Its a girl" from Dr. Dahle and hearing her cry...she has been such an easy girl since then. She just has a great temperment and doesnt complain a whole lot. She always wants to do the right thing and help people out. I dont know how many times a teacher, parent of a friend, or coach has come up to me to say what a wonderful girl I have and how she helped out in one way or another, or how she is such a talker!! OMG that girl can tell a story like nobodys business, and the details she gives to all her stories make them VERY long...I love when I get to hear a good Macey story, too often I am too busy and have to many things going on, but when I really listen to her I find she has a lot of great things to say. She is so much like her Dad that way because he can tell a story too!! She helps me so much every day to take care of things that need to be done around the house or to help with her brother or sister, I truely dont know what I would do without her. I love this day so that we can celebrate her for being the wonderful, beautiful, kind girl she is, inside and out.

I hate running behind...but I always am.

Today did not start out good. I don't like to yell at my kids ever, but sometimes I get so frusterated that I do. The morning starts out fine at first, Im in a good mood but as time ticks along it gets busier and busier and we start running late...Macey can't find her uniform top for softball because her room is a disaster area, I need to wash it today because she has a game tonight, Chase doesnt want to get up because he is a sleepy head, so I have to spend alot of time convincing him to wake up and get dressed school, and to top it all off Kamdyn is bawling. See, she is kinda getting used to nursing to go to sleep so when she is tired there is nothing I can do except nurse her and I dont want to get in that habit!! So I let her cry and it breaks my heart!!! I got through the morning though, with a little yelling... :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time flys

Wow...its been a long time since my last post and sadly I have very little to report! I've just been hanging out at home with Kamdyn and taking care of my beautiful kiddos. Curtis left on Sunday for San Antonio, Tx. His school is 5 weeks but he left 4 days early so he could drive there, so all together I think he will be gone for close to 6 weeks. Im a single mom now and finding it kinda difficult with all 3 kids and all the things we have going on...but we will make it through! :)

Macey is in softball this year, she has played t-ball, but now its on to softball so I am excited for her. Practice two days a week and starting this saturday until June 9th she has 15 games! Busy busy. I havn't gotten to sit at a practice and watch her play yet because of Kamdyn so im looking forward to game time. She has not gotten back into swimming yet because we just dont have the time. I'm sure she will be disappointed about it, especially when the meets start, but it just isnt possible this year. She is doing great in school, the teacher loves her and has nothing negative to say about her. Mace is excited that she gets letter grades next year in the 4th grade! She helps me alot with Kamdyn and Chase, I'm lucky she is here with Curtis being gone.

Chase is playing tball again this year, last year was his first year and he did really well. He is naturally athletic and sports seem to come easily to him, what a lucky boy. His practice's are also 2 days a week, but of course opposite of Macey!! So we are busy Monday through Thursday with their practices. I think 10 games for him. He is struggling a little with his dad being gone...he is definatly pushing me. Its frusterating because I have seen so much progress in him since Kamdyn was born, he was growing up and helping a lot and taking on responsibilities. Now we seem to be sliding backward alittle, so we will see how it pans out in the end! Im sure it will just take a few days to adjust and it will go back to normal. :)

Kamdyn is getting so alert, opening her eyes a lot and looking around. She scowls alot too..haha. She just always has her brow furrowed like she has a lot to think about, its just her way and I think its cute. She smiled for the first time a couple days ago. I was tickling her thighs and she was smiling away, then we had to go get Mace from school so put her in her carseat with a new toy and she was smiling away at that too. So nice to see her in a good mood...I love it. I think she must have colic or something because she is really fussy at night for about 1-3 hours depending on her sleep schedule. She is also fussy at other times during the day...I cant quite figure her out yet. She screams and gets all red faced and crunches up her legs so im sure that its her tummy hurting her, but I dont know whats causing it. I eat such a bland diet dairy and no chocolate cuz I know those hurt her tummy. I dont know what else could be causing her to hurt so bad. She was having issues going potty, but that seems to be getting better now too so im at a loss. I guess I just hope its colic and will end here in 6 weeks or so!! Please!!??

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chase Walker- March 26th, 2005

Chase is 5! Wow how time has flown by...we knew we were having a boy and we were so excited that we would have little boy to add to our family. He was the perfect addition...and I still believe he is. Since day 1 he has been stubborn and strong willed...he always wants it to be his way and he always wants to get in the last word (so much like his daddy!). Wow, this kid has put major spice in our life and I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about him. He makes me laugh daily over his silliness, this kid loves life and it is infectious to everyone around him. Even when he is doing something wrong or is in trouble, you just take one look at him and cant help but not be mad at him...really, its pretty impossible to stay mad! What a lucky boy he is to have that trait because he can cause alot of trouble!! But the most amazing thing about him is that he is so caring toward others...I dont know how many times a day I see him just staring at his baby sister and talking to her. Honestly I was worried about how he would be with a younger sister..he was the baby for almost 5 years, but already it has brought out a softer side to him...he doesnt like it when she cries and tries to help her stop crying...and wow the patience that boy has is unbelievable when it comes to her. I am so proud of him and what a great little boy he is turning out to be...I cant wait to see whats next!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its a girl!!! Kamdyn Jean Nelson

Wow, what a suprise that was! We both were really expecting a boy, and when Curtis stood up to look at the doc pull her out of my tummy, it felt like it was taking FOREVER for her to come out. I was laying there thinking what is taking so long, I was so sure Curtis was going to say its a boy!! So when he said its a girl! I was like what??? really? We were both so suprised that we forgot to take pics for a while in the OR!! I finally remembered and was like "Curtis! PICS!! Then he started taking them.
Even the day after she was born, it felt so weird to say her, girl, daughter. We are so happy with our family, she is the perfect addition. I wanted a girl really bad again, but I just felt like she was a boy...probably because my mom did this needle thing on me and she is almost always right with it. It said boy and we tried it so many times to try and get it to say girl, but it was always boy boy boy...guess it doesnt always work! She is so pretty, looks alot like Macey did when she was born...dark hair and dark skin. Dark gry/blu eyes right now, so we will see what they will be later I suppose, still hoping for brown. Definatly has my hubbys nose and im pretty sure his ears too, so thats good. :) She is healthy and really a pretty good baby. She sleeps alot, has alot of gas (LOL), eats alot too. She weighed 8# 10oz at birth, dropped down to 7# 13oz by the time we left hospital and 2 days later at doc appt was back up to 8# 8oz. Im curious what she weighs now, have doc appt on Thursday so I guess we will find out then.
Macey is really excited to have a girl, she wanted a girl really bad and she got what she wanted... Chase on the other hand, took awhile to come around, he kinda got mad at first and sat down on the couch in the hospital and crossed his arms saying "im mad, I want a boy" then he wouldnt come near her for the next two days. Finally when we got home on Saturday he wanted to hold her and kiss her and told us that he loved her. Now he wants to hold her all the time, and always is kissing on her. He's becoming a great big brother... I knew he would come around eventually.
So we are a family of 5 now...we are parents of 3 and officially outnumbered. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom of 3 tomorrow!

Ok, I just figured I should get on and post one last time before the baby comes. Who knows when I will get a chance to post again..hopefully soon, but you never really know. I cant believe that its already time to have this baby! So excited, but alittle nervous too, which is funny since this is my 3rd...all my deliverys have been totally different though, so I guess you never really know what to expect. Macey was a tough birth, induction 1 1/2 weeks late (guess she liked me alot!), forcepts used and no epideral...ouch, so much pain that day...I was miserable that day, until she was here then of course I was just in love.
Went into labor with Chase on my own, worked that day, then mozied on up to the hospital when I was in alot of pain...epideral very quickly and feeling awesome. Then his heartrate dropped and I quit progressing so he was emergency c-section.
Now this time I was able to schedule the c-section, which is so weird. I know the day my child is being born...but we kept the sex a suprise so we would have something about this baby we dont know for sure.

Im so excited to find out what this baby is, but Im so nervous about walking into the hospital in no pain and getting a big fat shot in my back...I mean how great can that be? Last time I got a shot in my back I was in pain and I knew it was gonna bring relief, this time Im feeling fine...just have to stick this needle in my back. Oh well, its a means to an end...and of course its an awesome end.
I wonder what he or she will look like? Dark complexion and dark hair like Macey, or blonde like Chase? Im pretty sure it will end up being blonde in the end like my other two, but you never really know! Plus I want my husbands beautiful brown eyes in one of my children, is that too much to ask? I know we wont know the eye color for awhile...but I really am hoping for brown.

I have a few last minute things to do today, like pack hospital bag, get a charger for my camera,(kinda important to take pics, hard to do with dead battery and no charger!) write out list of my kids schedules so my family can get them where they need to go while im in the hospital, finish laundry, fun stuff like that....guess I better get to it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Room situation

Ok, time seriously is flying often do you hear that from a pregnant girl in her last week?? lol...seriously, I have so much that needs to be done before baby gets here and I dont know if I will get to it. Really its just that my house is out of much baby stuff and no where to put it. When my FIL moved out I was planning on putting it all downstairs and getting it out of my sight until I knew what we are having and could actually set up the babys room somewhere...(with Macey? with Chase? On its own downstairs?) But my wonderful hubby has decided to change things up on me and he told the kids they could make Macey's room a play room for them both and they could share the downstairs room to sleep in, so baby could have its own room in what is currently Chase's room...confusing?? yes it is!! Ok so if we decide to do this I need my son to be on board, im not sure he is though, its downstairs away from us and maybe alittle scary for him even with his big sister there. Plus Macey is getting to the age where she will NEED her own space. Sharing with brother will not be what she will want in just a year or two im sure. Plus its a tiny not sure how we will fit 2 beds down there...then there is the dressers and closet clothes...what to do with all that! ugh...too much to think about. Maybe I should just do what I planned on doing all along and put all babys stuff downstairs and figure out room stuff later...but I would really like to have it done before baby comes.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fuzzy brain

So with Curtis gone in Texas, things are a little crazy here. I have my father in law thank god, he has been a HUGE lifesaver for me...picking up kids and taking them places they need to go and just watching them for all the hours Ive been working. Ive had alot of overtime this last week and he has been here for me to rely on. Kids just started new sports...Chase soccer and Macey basketball. I work when their practices are so Im no help to get them were they need to go, but you would think I could be organized enough to help my FIL get them were they need to go. Last night I let Mace go to a rock climbing event with a friend, well guess what.. she had her very first basketball practice and we missed it because I spaced it. Its even written on my calender and still I cant remember it. So now she doesnt get to play much in the game on saturday...totally my fault. I feel so bad that she is going to have to sit the bench most of the game. Theres nothing I can do about it now, but I do need to remember to remember to look at the calender everyday or My mind just has so many things going around in it right now, I cant remember everything and I have a bad memory as it is, so now its a train wreck!! Hope it gets better after baby is here, but I doubt it...

Are we ready??

I cant believe that in 2 weeks I will have a new baby...seems crazy to me that its already here. This pregnancy has gone by really fast and its been fairly easy. Dont get me wrong, I have some complaints but overall Im feeling pretty decent. Had a doctors appt. on Monday and Im measuring big... big shock!! :) Im measuring 41 weeks when I should be measuring 37 weeks. Doc says that yes it is probably a big baby but also lots of fluid, so maybe baby wont be quiet as big as we are thinking. We are taking baby 1 week early so Im kinda hoping for low 9#, maybe even high 8's?? Guess we will just have to wait and see. Had my baby shower at work on Tuesday...its so hard to buy for baby when we dont know what it is and that made me feel kinda bad for my coworkers, but I got some great stuff too. Lots of diapers, wipes, baby bath, lotions, oils, a baby bath, a diaper geanie, blankets, bibs and burp cloths, hooded towels, washcloths, cute little duckys, a small amount of neutral clothing and 3 diaper bags! lol..yes three. I really do love one of them tho and plan on using that one for the most part, I figure the others can be used here and there too. Ive bought some boy and some girl stuff, so I think im pretty set for when the baby first arrives...I know I will have some shopping to do after babys here, but I have enough to last me for a week or so to get myself healing, then I can go and buy more clothes. I love feeling the baby move and being that this is my last pregnancy I am enjoying all the moments. I love laying down and just keeping my hand on my belly and feeling the movements...they are not strong kicks and punchs anymore like they were, they are just the baby rolling and arms and legs and butt pushing out on my belly. Such a great feeling....2 more weeks!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines day...

So Curtis and I went to a resturant called Cowboy Dinner Tree last night with some friends, it was a Valentines present early because I have to work on V day...he thought of it all himself and it was so much fun. We have wanted to go to this place for a long long time, but it is out in the middle of nowhere (Christmas Valley) in Lake County...its an 1 1/2 drive, so needless to say it takes a little planning. So this place has no electricity, really...they run everything off a generator! It is a little rinky dink wooden shack, I guess thats what I would call it. I think Scott said it looks like someone would be selling meth out of There was a silly wooden horse and cow that the boys had fun "roping" before we went in to dinner. Its pretty cool tho...nothing matches inside, its got alot of older cowboy stuff in it, and a bunch of different tables and chairs, even diffent plates...I saw a plate there that my mom had when I was a kid. So funny. Our drink choices were pink lemonaide, iced tea or water in HUGE mason jars. None of us needed a refill, thats how big they were. First was the salad of course, then the rolls and a huge bowl of beans. Yummy those beans and rolls were soooo good! Some sort of black bean and northern bean mixture. Then came the meal of either Chicken or Tri-tip with a baked potato...oh my goodness those things were huge!!!! My chicken honest to god was a whole chicken...Im talking like take the turkey out of the oven type of chicken...obviously smaller than a turkey, but still...I ate one breast...I still have another breast, the legs, the wings, etc. You get the drift im sure. Tri-tip was huge also... I dont know what i would compair it to, a small boulder maybe! was huge. I think Curtis ate maybe half..maybe. And we all know my hubby can eat. :) Last was the desert...berrys and cream on good. Wow this place was so amazing, great food and a fun atmosephere. I loved it...the drive home is not so much fun, cuz your so full all you wanna do is sleep after! In fact thats what Scott and Alishia got to do, I of course was the DD. Part of the fun of being pregnant...Curtis was a good sport tho and stayed up with me so I could talk his ear off. :) What a good husband I have.

Friday, February 5, 2010

34 weeks...

Well I am now 34 weeks and have only 5 weeks to go. Seems like such a short amount of time. I feel alittle out of sorts because I dont have a room for the baby. It is fine really, I want the baby in my room for the first 2 or 3 months, but I have baby stuff around the house and no where to put it. When we find out if its boy or girl then I can start rearranging things and figuring out where the baby is gonna sleep when its out of our room,until then I guess stuff is just gonna be all
I am getting really excited to have the baby...cant get my mind around what this 3rd child will look like. Macey was so dark haired and Chase was blonde I wonder what this childs hair will be-ive got good heartburn, so im fairly certain it will have hair! Mace and Chase look so much alike now its hard to picture a 3rd child looking like them, but then again its hard to picture what the baby will look like if it doesnt look like them. Is that even possible I wonder? Im just really excited to get to know my 3rd and last child.
Pregnancy is going pretty good, its gone really fast this time and Im feeling pretty decent so far which is pretty good I think since I have such a short time left. Its gonna be exciting to get to know this childs personality and characteristics cause lord knows my other two are completely different from each other!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Girls day out

Ive been missing my daughter alot lately...When she is at school I am home and when she is home, I am at work. We just have opposite schedules, so I decided that we needed to have a day with just the two of us, especially before the baby comes...its been so long since we have had that time together, just us. My sweet caring hubby suggested that we go to Medford and go shopping and have thats what we did yesterday. It was so great just the two of us again, she was gabby as usual, and I am very blessed right now that she feels comfortable telling me things that go on in her life. She seems to only be able to do so when its just her and I having some alone time, so I need to make it a priority for sure, so we can keep the communication going between the two of us. She told me that 2 years ago a boy came up behind her and kissed her on the cheek (LOL, 2 years ago? better late than never I guess)and that Harrison told her what a disco stick is!! And then she goes on about that song alittle bit and how gross it is.. Holy cow, what do I say to that??? But we had a great day...eating at Olive Garden (yummy!), shopping in the mall where she bought a shirt, a couple of headbands, a purse, a necklas and a scarf. She was very happy with her purchases. We also went to Costco and Old Navy for things that I needed.
Wow was I tired after all that walking! Im 32 weeks now, so only 7 to go since Im done at 39. Sleep is not coming very easy, waking up alot at night cuz Im not comfortable side sleeping even with pillows. I want to tummy sleep...but thats gonna be a ways out still with the c-section and all. So for now I will just dream about it and wake up really often to change positions. :) Still enjoying the baby movements and cant wait to meet this little person!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleeping problems...

My son doesnt sleep at night unless he is in our drives me crazy. It all started when I worked Graves about 1 1/2 yrs ago, and Curtis let Chase sleep with him. Now he is sleeping in his own bed but he hates it! Its been 6 months, a year? since we have been having him sleep in his own bed again, but he still fights it. He takes forever to fall asleep and then he wakes up 3-6 times a night and comes into our room. I keep hoping it will get better, but so far its not. Most of the time its because the cats or dogs are in his room and he brings them to our room so they wont be in his anymore. He loves the cats and dogs during the day, but at night he wants no animals in his room...he doesnt want his door shut either. So what are we to do? Drug him maybe?? Kidding...I guess im so frusterated cuz I dont get good sleep now as it is with the pregnancy and being uncomfortable, and him waking me up doesnt help. Plus he is grumpy during the day and starting to get in trouble at school because he is so wired and not paying attention.
So I think he needs naps sometimes, he doesnt take them often, but seems to need one, once every week or two, when he starts acting crazy like he has been the last couple days. Currently he is down for a nap...since 1:00...and has yet to fall asleep, he has been up 2 times for no reason and is still bright eyed and bushy tailed. He may be in there all night, cuz I dont want to give up...he needs a nap, I need a nap!

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Blog

Well, Ive been looking at my sister in laws pages today and like what I see. Cole's first blog made me decide to do it by saying something about it being nice for my kids (and me-not the greatest memory) to look back on years later to see all the wonderful things my family has done. I doubt I will be able to keep up with things, but I will try. :)

I have 2 wonderful kiddos, Macey is 8 and Chase is 4 and we are expecting our last child (yay!) in March. We dont yet know what we are having, we wanted the suprise since we have one of each and its so much fun not knowing. Even though everyone else seems to hate it! I know its harder to be "prepared" for the baby, but its so much fun to hear the doctor say "Its a.....!" and get the first look at your sweet baby all at once.