Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate running behind...but I always am.

Today did not start out good. I don't like to yell at my kids ever, but sometimes I get so frusterated that I do. The morning starts out fine at first, Im in a good mood but as time ticks along it gets busier and busier and we start running late...Macey can't find her uniform top for softball because her room is a disaster area, I need to wash it today because she has a game tonight, Chase doesnt want to get up because he is a sleepy head, so I have to spend alot of time convincing him to wake up and get dressed school, and to top it all off Kamdyn is bawling. See, she is kinda getting used to nursing to go to sleep so when she is tired there is nothing I can do except nurse her and I dont want to get in that habit!! So I let her cry and it breaks my heart!!! I got through the morning though, with a little yelling... :)

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  1. One of those days, huh? I am sorry that it didn't start out so well. I hope your day gets better! Love ya!