Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kamdyn- 2 months old

2 months have gone by so fast... already Kamdyn is starting to hold her head up pretty good, and she is cooing and smiling. I love her smiles and when she talks to me...its so wonderful to hear that little voice and know she is happy. She has been fussy for the last month or so and I believe its been colic, but who really knows? It does seem to be getting better thank god.
Kamdyn loves bath time and will just sit there looking at me or her brother or sister and wiggle around in the warm water. She loves to be naked, its so soon as I take her to the changing table she gets a smile on her face. We sit there at the changing table for 10-15 minutes just talking and letting her air out!
Today was her 2 month check she got her first set of shots. She cried so hard and her whole head turned a reddish-purple (it gets that way when she is really mad!). Then as soon as the shots were done I held her for a bit, put her in the carseat and she conked out. She slept for the next 6 hours or so, only waking up to eat for a few minutes and then falling back asleep.
So here are her 2 month stats:
height:23 1/4-75%
weight:14 lbs 7 oz-100%
head circ:15 cm-26%
chubby baby with a little head I guess!! :)

Coloring competition

Macey loves about a month ago she comes home with a picture to color for a coloring contest that all the schools in Klamath County are participating in. Its a picture of a Western Tanager (bird). She asks Curtis and I what color is this bird?? Curtis and I have no idea so we tell her to get on the internet and pop up pictures of this type of bird to find out, which she does and starts to color. She comes to us about 15-20 minutes later and shows us this bird which she has colored great...but it has a gum wrapper glued to it. Really...a gum wrapper! So we ask her why she has done that, she says that the rules say to make it unique and add glitter or whatever else she wants to, so she added the wrapper and tried to make it a nest! We tell her to take off the gum wrapper and go outside to get pine needles and maybe a pine cone or something like that to add to it. Well its been snowing of course so we tell her to let the needles, branches, etc. dry and we will help her glue it the next day, because we dont want her to put a ton of glue on it. She walks away...15-20 minutes later again she comes back up to us and tells us that the pine needles are not sticking and she put on a lot of glue, but they still wont stick!! Wow...we were so upset with her for not listening to us, so we got in a long conversation about her listening skills etc...I wont bore you with the details but there was some yelling going on. So after all is done, Mace and I are sitting in the kitchen talking and she gets upset again and says I should just throw away the picture because she has ruined it...I tell her no that its not ruined and we will fix it. Well Curtis hears this conversation and comes into the kitchen, grabs the paper and rips it, crinkles it up and throws it in the garbage! Wow the crying really started then, he says to her "well didnt you just tell your mom to throw it away?" she says "yes, but I knew she wouldnt!"...uh oh! Little later Macey decides she will just ask her teacher for a new one. The next day she comes home from school and tells us the teacher has no more, they only give enough for each kid.
Well, luckily Curtis was feeling terrible about throwing away the picture so he took it out of the garbage without telling anyone the night we tape it and try to smooth the wrinkles out of it, glue the pine needles and sticks to it so she can turn it in.
Today she comes home with a gardening gift basket and a ribbon for 3rd place in the 3rd-5th grade category!!! We will never forget this coloring contest!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Macey Kaelene- May 3rd, 2001

My first born is nine years old...I cant believe that 9 years ago today my beautiful little girl was brought into our world. I still remember hearing "Its a girl" from Dr. Dahle and hearing her cry...she has been such an easy girl since then. She just has a great temperment and doesnt complain a whole lot. She always wants to do the right thing and help people out. I dont know how many times a teacher, parent of a friend, or coach has come up to me to say what a wonderful girl I have and how she helped out in one way or another, or how she is such a talker!! OMG that girl can tell a story like nobodys business, and the details she gives to all her stories make them VERY long...I love when I get to hear a good Macey story, too often I am too busy and have to many things going on, but when I really listen to her I find she has a lot of great things to say. She is so much like her Dad that way because he can tell a story too!! She helps me so much every day to take care of things that need to be done around the house or to help with her brother or sister, I truely dont know what I would do without her. I love this day so that we can celebrate her for being the wonderful, beautiful, kind girl she is, inside and out.

I hate running behind...but I always am.

Today did not start out good. I don't like to yell at my kids ever, but sometimes I get so frusterated that I do. The morning starts out fine at first, Im in a good mood but as time ticks along it gets busier and busier and we start running late...Macey can't find her uniform top for softball because her room is a disaster area, I need to wash it today because she has a game tonight, Chase doesnt want to get up because he is a sleepy head, so I have to spend alot of time convincing him to wake up and get dressed school, and to top it all off Kamdyn is bawling. See, she is kinda getting used to nursing to go to sleep so when she is tired there is nothing I can do except nurse her and I dont want to get in that habit!! So I let her cry and it breaks my heart!!! I got through the morning though, with a little yelling... :)