Friday, March 26, 2010

Chase Walker- March 26th, 2005

Chase is 5! Wow how time has flown by...we knew we were having a boy and we were so excited that we would have little boy to add to our family. He was the perfect addition...and I still believe he is. Since day 1 he has been stubborn and strong willed...he always wants it to be his way and he always wants to get in the last word (so much like his daddy!). Wow, this kid has put major spice in our life and I love it. I wouldn't change a thing about him. He makes me laugh daily over his silliness, this kid loves life and it is infectious to everyone around him. Even when he is doing something wrong or is in trouble, you just take one look at him and cant help but not be mad at him...really, its pretty impossible to stay mad! What a lucky boy he is to have that trait because he can cause alot of trouble!! But the most amazing thing about him is that he is so caring toward others...I dont know how many times a day I see him just staring at his baby sister and talking to her. Honestly I was worried about how he would be with a younger sister..he was the baby for almost 5 years, but already it has brought out a softer side to him...he doesnt like it when she cries and tries to help her stop crying...and wow the patience that boy has is unbelievable when it comes to her. I am so proud of him and what a great little boy he is turning out to be...I cant wait to see whats next!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its a girl!!! Kamdyn Jean Nelson

Wow, what a suprise that was! We both were really expecting a boy, and when Curtis stood up to look at the doc pull her out of my tummy, it felt like it was taking FOREVER for her to come out. I was laying there thinking what is taking so long, I was so sure Curtis was going to say its a boy!! So when he said its a girl! I was like what??? really? We were both so suprised that we forgot to take pics for a while in the OR!! I finally remembered and was like "Curtis! PICS!! Then he started taking them.
Even the day after she was born, it felt so weird to say her, girl, daughter. We are so happy with our family, she is the perfect addition. I wanted a girl really bad again, but I just felt like she was a boy...probably because my mom did this needle thing on me and she is almost always right with it. It said boy and we tried it so many times to try and get it to say girl, but it was always boy boy boy...guess it doesnt always work! She is so pretty, looks alot like Macey did when she was born...dark hair and dark skin. Dark gry/blu eyes right now, so we will see what they will be later I suppose, still hoping for brown. Definatly has my hubbys nose and im pretty sure his ears too, so thats good. :) She is healthy and really a pretty good baby. She sleeps alot, has alot of gas (LOL), eats alot too. She weighed 8# 10oz at birth, dropped down to 7# 13oz by the time we left hospital and 2 days later at doc appt was back up to 8# 8oz. Im curious what she weighs now, have doc appt on Thursday so I guess we will find out then.
Macey is really excited to have a girl, she wanted a girl really bad and she got what she wanted... Chase on the other hand, took awhile to come around, he kinda got mad at first and sat down on the couch in the hospital and crossed his arms saying "im mad, I want a boy" then he wouldnt come near her for the next two days. Finally when we got home on Saturday he wanted to hold her and kiss her and told us that he loved her. Now he wants to hold her all the time, and always is kissing on her. He's becoming a great big brother... I knew he would come around eventually.
So we are a family of 5 now...we are parents of 3 and officially outnumbered. :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom of 3 tomorrow!

Ok, I just figured I should get on and post one last time before the baby comes. Who knows when I will get a chance to post again..hopefully soon, but you never really know. I cant believe that its already time to have this baby! So excited, but alittle nervous too, which is funny since this is my 3rd...all my deliverys have been totally different though, so I guess you never really know what to expect. Macey was a tough birth, induction 1 1/2 weeks late (guess she liked me alot!), forcepts used and no epideral...ouch, so much pain that day...I was miserable that day, until she was here then of course I was just in love.
Went into labor with Chase on my own, worked that day, then mozied on up to the hospital when I was in alot of pain...epideral very quickly and feeling awesome. Then his heartrate dropped and I quit progressing so he was emergency c-section.
Now this time I was able to schedule the c-section, which is so weird. I know the day my child is being born...but we kept the sex a suprise so we would have something about this baby we dont know for sure.

Im so excited to find out what this baby is, but Im so nervous about walking into the hospital in no pain and getting a big fat shot in my back...I mean how great can that be? Last time I got a shot in my back I was in pain and I knew it was gonna bring relief, this time Im feeling fine...just have to stick this needle in my back. Oh well, its a means to an end...and of course its an awesome end.
I wonder what he or she will look like? Dark complexion and dark hair like Macey, or blonde like Chase? Im pretty sure it will end up being blonde in the end like my other two, but you never really know! Plus I want my husbands beautiful brown eyes in one of my children, is that too much to ask? I know we wont know the eye color for awhile...but I really am hoping for brown.

I have a few last minute things to do today, like pack hospital bag, get a charger for my camera,(kinda important to take pics, hard to do with dead battery and no charger!) write out list of my kids schedules so my family can get them where they need to go while im in the hospital, finish laundry, fun stuff like that....guess I better get to it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Room situation

Ok, time seriously is flying often do you hear that from a pregnant girl in her last week?? lol...seriously, I have so much that needs to be done before baby gets here and I dont know if I will get to it. Really its just that my house is out of much baby stuff and no where to put it. When my FIL moved out I was planning on putting it all downstairs and getting it out of my sight until I knew what we are having and could actually set up the babys room somewhere...(with Macey? with Chase? On its own downstairs?) But my wonderful hubby has decided to change things up on me and he told the kids they could make Macey's room a play room for them both and they could share the downstairs room to sleep in, so baby could have its own room in what is currently Chase's room...confusing?? yes it is!! Ok so if we decide to do this I need my son to be on board, im not sure he is though, its downstairs away from us and maybe alittle scary for him even with his big sister there. Plus Macey is getting to the age where she will NEED her own space. Sharing with brother will not be what she will want in just a year or two im sure. Plus its a tiny not sure how we will fit 2 beds down there...then there is the dressers and closet clothes...what to do with all that! ugh...too much to think about. Maybe I should just do what I planned on doing all along and put all babys stuff downstairs and figure out room stuff later...but I would really like to have it done before baby comes.