Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kamdyn- 2 months old

2 months have gone by so fast... already Kamdyn is starting to hold her head up pretty good, and she is cooing and smiling. I love her smiles and when she talks to me...its so wonderful to hear that little voice and know she is happy. She has been fussy for the last month or so and I believe its been colic, but who really knows? It does seem to be getting better thank god.
Kamdyn loves bath time and will just sit there looking at me or her brother or sister and wiggle around in the warm water. She loves to be naked, its so soon as I take her to the changing table she gets a smile on her face. We sit there at the changing table for 10-15 minutes just talking and letting her air out!
Today was her 2 month check she got her first set of shots. She cried so hard and her whole head turned a reddish-purple (it gets that way when she is really mad!). Then as soon as the shots were done I held her for a bit, put her in the carseat and she conked out. She slept for the next 6 hours or so, only waking up to eat for a few minutes and then falling back asleep.
So here are her 2 month stats:
height:23 1/4-75%
weight:14 lbs 7 oz-100%
head circ:15 cm-26%
chubby baby with a little head I guess!! :)

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